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Home loan overview

At, our aim is to offer a service that helps home buyers understand the many choices involved in buying a dream home and organize the best mortgage package.

Today, lenders offer a wide range of products to match the needs of every homeowner.

Home mortgages can be classified in many different ways: government-backed or conventional, adjustable rate or fixed rate, permanent or construction, traditional or reverse, prime or sub-prime, first or second mortgage, or conforming or jumbo loan amount.

For first-time buyers, many of these mortgage products and terms may sound a little confusing, but with the help of the information on our site, consumers will have better knowledge and understanding of what to expect from the home buying process.

We make sure to give helpful guidance throughout the entire home buying process that not only highlights the most appropriate mortgage to match the specific needs, but also to help find the best interest rates, terms and conditions.

With mortgage loan products ranging from VA Loans and FHA Loans to Conventional Loans and 203K Loans, you can rely on our experts and network of lenders to find the right product for you every time.

Compare Your Options

When it comes to selecting the right mortgage program, you want to carefully compare side-by-side the different options. Look carefully at the different mortgage rates and terms. A few of the things to consider when comparing mortgages include the interest rate, whether the interest rate is adjustable or fixed (will it adjust in the future?), 3rd party charges, lender fees, loan term (15, 20, or 30 years), prepayment penalties, interest-only payments, amount of down payment, funding fees and mortgage insurance.

If you are looking to apply for a mortgage it benefits to use the tools at to compare multiple mortgage quotes at the same time. Many things can impact mortgage interest rates, such as the mortgage-backed securities (MBS) and bonds that are sold much like stocks, the Federal Reserve, Treasury auctions and global economic news. So, make sure to get real-time quotes from that let you easily compare like for like offers from leading mortgage lenders.

Stay Up-To-Date

You can also visit our blog and FAQ page to stay up-to-date with the very latest mortgage news, stories, events and resources. With the wide range of information on, it is very easy for you to stay informed and make the right mortgage choices that save money.